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Tips for building on a rural block

Get the right advice up front and avoid regrets‭ (‬or price blowouts‭) ‬when your home is built‭. ‬
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Wide open spaces with room to grow

With the New Developments on the Sunshine Coast‭, ‬having smaller blocks and your neighbour being a bit closer than you prefer‭, ‬Acreage can be a great choice‭. ‬The following points will give you an idea of what to look for‭, ‬when buying Acreage land and the additional items to consider‭.‬


Top 10 tips

  1. Land Appraisal by a Qualified Builder first!

    Yes…we mention this in other eBooks too...because it is very crucial in the siting of the House and designing the Home. Owners can fall in love with the views but this also can come with additional problems such as western sun…tree clearing…exposure to the elements etc. Where to put the Home? This is very important as it can impact on Item 3.
  2. Services Required and Extra Run-In?

    Subject to the siting of the Home you may have to factor in additional services such as water, power, plumbing, HSTP (waste) systems, when budgeting.
    As a general rule, most builders include a standard ‘run-in’ for these items which is often insufficient to suit the larger blocks and longer setbacks. But… if Total Creative have seen the location and potential siting of the Home we can factor in these costs when we complete a Quotation on your home.
  3. Consider the Weather.

    Acreage living often means more exposure to the elements.
    Consider wider eaves, prevailing winds and solar aspect (to keep the home more comfortable).
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