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Tips for building on sloping land

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Top 10 tips

  1. Get a free land appraisal by a qualified builder first!

    So the Blocks cheap with great views! Good start, but your Building costs may be a lot more! Having a Qualified and Experienced Builder meet you onsite will be the best 30 minutes you will spend, as they will see the options as to how and what, you should consider with the design, build and your budget. Remember, additional building costs are really a cost against the land because of its topography. Talk to us about our free land appraisals.
  2. Where on the block can / can't I build?

    You must remember, that even though a Block may have a slope of between 5 or 8 or 10 metres, the actual building footprint may only have a 1 or 2 or 3 metre fall. A Contour Plan (sometimes shown on the SP –Survey Plan) will tell us the actual fall over different areas of the block. This helps in determining the design criteria. A Contour/Survey plan should be done after purchase to assist in the design stage.
  3. What type of build should I consider?

    Depending if the fall is away from the road or down to the road, various options can be considered. Cut and fill can be an option but retaining walls (any earthworks over a metre must be retained) can add a lot of cost. Split level designs can save costs. Building straight out on posts will reduce some costs, but add others due to scaffolding and timber flooring. A builder can recommend what your best options are based on your budget.
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Sloping Land

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